Hamilton: 238 Gage Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 7A7

Grimsby: 181 South Service Road, Grimsby, Ontario, L3M 5K3

Thank You!

CarQuest would like to extend their congratulations to Ron and Linda Powell, of Powell Auto Parts in Hamilton, on their 30th anniversary in the Automotive Parts Business. Their friends at CarQuest would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions and commitment to the automotive industry. We wish them continued success.

Ron and Linda are good examples of what hard work and treating people with respect and kindness, can do for a business. In order to have achieved 30 years in business, they have shown true leadership. 

CarQuest believes that our customers are the source of our strength and they determine our reputation and vitality. Thanks Ron and Linda, here’s to another 30!

Locally Owned for Over 30 Years

At Powell Auto Parts, the pride of local ownership and service excellence is well ingrained into our business model. We have been serving the Greater Hamilton community’s aftermarket automotive parts needs for over 30 years.

Products & Services

Through our partnership with CARQUEST Canada, we are able to provide you with high-quality auto parts. Powell also carries some products from other suppliers, continuing a longstanding relationship with Frat Filters, after CARQUEST stopped carrying that brand.

Under-Car Products Growing

Demand continues to grow for under-car products, such as brakes and front-end parts, while demand for under-hood products has declined as engine quality improves. Sixty per cent of the Powell’s business is under-car products, versus 40 per cent from under-hood. Ten years ago, the split was 50/50. 

About 70 per cent of the business is in top-brand, first-line products.
Whereas 30 per cent is in “white box” second-line parts.

“This year we’re seeing second line grow a little bit,” Ron says. “The consumer seems a little more price conscious versus quality conscious.”

We Sell Parts For…

  • Virtually all makes and models
  • Light and heavy-duty trucks
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Buses
  • Recreational vehicles
  • And agricultural equipment
We sell a variety of tools as well – perfect for the DIY mechanic!

Contact Us

For more information on the types of parts, tools, and accessories we sell, please contact one of our two convenient locations today!

Hamilton: 905-312-9033
Grimsby: 905-309-9033

About Us

Our first auto parts venture, (Atlas Supply Co) opened its doors to public at Victoria Avenue South in 1970. The current generation of owners took over the business in 1983 as agents and changed the store over to McKerlie Millen in 1994. The store was later moved to its current location at 238 Gage Avenue North. A location which over the years became a landmark identifier in the local neighborhood!

In 1997, Powell Auto Parts joined forces with CARQUEST Canada. It is our belief, and many customers’ testimony, that Powell Auto Parts – a CARQUEST Canada affiliate – is “the” automotive parts supplier of choice in the Greater Hamilton Community.

Your continued loyalty and our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow yet again. In January of 2011, Powell Auto Parts opened its second location in the Township of Grimsby. Situated at 181 South Service Road, our Grimsby location is ideally located to serve current and new customers alike.

Hamilton: 238 Gage Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 7A7
Grimsby: 181 South Service Road, Grimsby, Ontario, L3M 5K3